Errol Coetzee. A man louder and more brash, with his own individual style

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Good afternoon to the Crusader Nation and my beloved brothers: We lay to rest a mountain of a man in , would be hard to match or find. Just about every Crusader is filled with tattoos?
Erroll Coetzee was a walking tattooed Kawasaki billboard… and he made sure everyone knew it. Errol drank Captain Morgan and Coke like most people drank Oros, and he was still standing after everyone else had fallen over!! You never had to look for Errol, his loud infectious laugh made you find him. Where Errol was, there was always a crowd around him and he was always the loudest, biggest and tallest. He was a hard man not to love, honor and respect .
Brother Errol, there is a huge gap and heartache left in the Crusader nation on your passing and all that knew you, will never forget you. Ride hard and ride with our fallen brothers, under Nikki D, and give them all hell!! Let them know that brother Errol has arrived! and NEVER EVER change who you are.
The memorial service for our late brother will be taking place at 14.00 this afternoon in KZN. We would like to ask the Crusader nation to all take a little time out in thought and in memory, of Brother Errol and hold him in your prayers.
For obvious reasons we will not be holding a physical memorial service in other regions of the Nation, but have put out a memorial video which we hope you can all spend 5 minutes in prayer with Our Late brother Errol in mind. Please follow this link at *14.00 this afternoon* so we can have Errol in our thoughts together as a Nation. Brother Errol you will not be forgotten. Rest in Peace. LH&R National President MG

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