• Rocky’s Custom Tattoos was the local hangout of a few friends namely Rocky Wainstein,
Carlos Da Rocha and Arnold ‘Axl’ Aarons, Carlos ‘Cowboy’ Duarte and friends .
• After a while of hanging at the tattoo shop, stories and riding bike together, the three guys decided that it would be cool to form a club of their own. They had no name and no patch but were full of exciting ideas. (Rocky and Andy had been part of club life – Rocky from the 1%er side of biking and Andy from the motorcycle ministry side. Brazzo was a drag bike champ at Tarlton drag strip).
• After numerous brainstorming sessions, Rocky chose the name “Crusaders”. This was, at this stage, a starting point on the name. Variations such as “Edenvale Crusaders”, “Crusaders Edenvale”, “Jo’burg Crusaders” and so it carried on until “Crusaders South Africa MC” was agreed on.
• The politics that were associated with club life was the last thing that these guys wanted.
They wanted solid brothers who stood together, respected each other and who could be trusted.
• Patches were made and sewn onto leather cuts and In September 2006, CRUSADERS –
SOUTH AFRICA MC was established.
• It was agreed that Rocky would be President, Brazzo would be Vice President
• Arnold Aarons who previously rode for the Classic Cruisers, joined and the first Crusaders MC Road Captain was appointed. He was given the nickname, “Rose”, by Brazzo and “Axel” was added by Rocky, hence “Axel Rose”. Raymond Barras was Sgt At Arms for a short while and this post was then taken up by Anthony Mc Cleeve.
• The Crusaders MC was officially launched publicly on October 22nd 2006 at The Headhunters
motorcycle clubhouse.

The very first members of the Crusaders MC South.
President Rocky Wainstein, ,
VP Carlos Da Rocha ( Brazzo)
Arnold Aarons (Axel)
Carlos Duarte (Cowboy)
Jimmy Hutcheons
Anthony Mc Cleeve
These members will always be referred to as the Original Ssix, the foundation of the club.
• Only trustworthy friends were allowed to carry a chapter.
• In Durban, the original candidate had a change of heart and instead nominated a very close friend of his to head up the Durban chapter. Rocky and Brazzo agreed to this nomination and Glen Marshall went on to become the president of Crusaders MC Durban.
• In Early 2007 Rocky added the 1%er badge as well as the pig skin to the complete the back patch set.
• As more chapters started up, Rocky and Brazzo became National President and National Vice
President respectively.
• A few years later the Crusader patch, the name Crusaders back rocker and South Africa were changed. Brazzo felt that the back rockers were not prominent enough and not 1%er enough. After an agreement with Rocky, the patch was recalled countrywide and replaced with name and country rockers more than double in size.

As the Crusader MC was a 1%er club, Rocky and Brazzo did not want to live the International

1%er lifestyle. (that would again be conforming to other people’s views). As Brazzo used to

say, “We are a 1%er club no matter what. The members in the club made it so and we never

have to or would ever answer to any club in this country.”

  • The Crusaders did their own thing and respected other clubs, big or small. The club was full of legends – people that qualified to be true 1%ers. The club was formed with normal people with normal jobs and members who were business owners. Guys that needed a home away from home within a brotherhood. A member would be welcomed into the club, no matter what type of bike he was riding as long as it was over 600cc, new or old.
  • Rocky was extremely strict when it came to how the members behaved around him and in public. Respect and safety were his priorities.
  • Safety became a serious factor in the Crusaders MC and as Breakfast Runs became compulsory, Superbikes in the crew became a safety concern. Understanding that super-bikes cannot ride with a crew of cruisers at 120km/hr, they needed to be separate from the main body of the crew. The super-bike crew was developed by the Crusaders MC Jo’burg chapter.